I Wish Bioshock Infinite Was Infinite

BSI-cover_close-upNo spoilers ahead, I promise.

Last Friday night, I finished playing “BioShock Infinite”.  I enjoyed the game throughout my time with it, but the last 2 hours seriously hooked me.  I really began to connect with Booker and Elizabeth, the two main characters, and the ending strengthened those feelings almost infinitely (*wink, wink*).  I can’t get their story out of my head and I want to play more with these characters, but I don’t want to just run through the same game again.  I want new stories with the two of them.

I know that “BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea: Episode 1” is out and it’s a new adventure with these two characters set in the same location as the original “BioShock”.  As excited as I am to play this, the cost is keeping me away.  Episode 1 is $15 and Episode 2, coming very soon, is an additional $15.  $30 is a lot of money to pay for DLC, especially when Episode 1 is only about 2 hours long.

There are reports that Episode 2 is going to be significantly longer than Episode 1, clocking in at a rumored 6 hours.  Now we’re getting a little bit better.  $30 for a combined 8 hours of gameplay is not too shabby.  That is an acceptable amount of time for most full-sized first-person shooters, and $30 is a good deal for a full-sized game.  Especially when I got the full game for free thanks to the amazing PlayStation Plus service.

I will not grab Episodes 1 and 2 immediately when 2 comes out, but will watch for a sale.  But if it isn’t trending towards a sale, there will come a point when I will not be able to wait any longer and I’ll spend the $30 to get 8 more hours with these incredible characters.

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