Feel the Prius

The Prius is back home and is running quite well.  It had all of it’s 90,000 mile and 100,000 mile checks done to it and is now set to go for nothing but oil changes for another 20,000 miles or so.  While it was in there, they also took a look at a pesky “Check Engine” light issue that I was having.  It would turn on, stay on for a day or so, and then go off for a day or so.  The service center didn’t think it was too big of an issue because it kept clearing itself, but investigated the problem anyway.  Turned out there was a flow control thing-a-ma-bob for the engine coolant that was failing from time to time.  Not too serious because it was only an occasional fail, but very serious if the thing decided to fail completely.  That part was swapped out at the same time and now the Prius is in tip-top shape, but dirty.  Wow, that thing needs a good hand-scrubbing.  Automated car washes just aren’t cutting it.

I was talking with my girlfriend yesterday as I was driving the Prius home from the service center and she asked how it was doing.  I told her it was great and it felt smooth.  We both laughed at that as she said I probably meant that it drove more smoothly, not that it actually felt smooth.  Her version makes more sense and is grammatically correct.  Honestly, it’s what I meant to say, but my slip-up ended up being quite funny.  Can you imagine taking your car in to the shop only to have it returned to you smoother?  Almost as if it went in for a shave?  “Here’s your freshly tuned up Prius, J.R.  Now smooth as a baby’s bottom.”


  • yankeebird says:

    Was it an EGR flow malfunction? If it is, that amuses me because my “Check Engine” light has been going on and off for over a year. I finally got it checked out last week and that’s what the result was. I asked about it on another message board I use and two people came back and said they’d just also had the same problem recently. Maybe it’s something in the water?

    As I don’t think I could manage to be any poorer, I think I’m going to attempt this repair myself. Maybe in a year or so. 😉

    • J.R. says:

      I don’t know what an EGR flow malfunction is, but I’m pretty sure wasn’t what happened to my car. Mine was directly related to the engine cooling system. I’m not car-smart, but EGR doesn’t sound like anything having to do with a cooling system. But what do I know? If I knew enough about cars, I probably could have diagnosed it myself.

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