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I Want What Homer Wants


Wil Wheaton posted this to his Tumblr thingy ( I don’t Tumblr ).  His friend Alice made it.  I have the same questions.

I Love You, Sweatshirt

It has been crazy cold here the last few days.  It was below zero for days and days and days.  About the only advantage to this that I found is that it meant that I could wear sweatshirts for days and days and days.  I absolutely love sweatshirts.  As I looked in my closet to pick one out every day, I thought to myself, “I need some more sweatshirts”.  I didn’t say that out loud, though, because I’m pretty sure my wife disagrees.

I continued to ponder the thought, and as there’s not much to that thought, my mind wandered to what sweatshirts I’d want to get if I were to get some more.  I went online and started hunting for them, and suprisingly had a lot of trouble finding anything that I wanted.

I want a Firefly sweatshirt, but the only ones I like I already have in T-shirt form.  I’m not going to double up on those.
I want a PlayStation or PlayStation 4 sweatshirt and I can’t find anything official at all.
I want a Pearl Jam sweatshirt for the new album, because I love the artwork, but I don’t like how they utilized it on the apparel.
I want 4 or 5 more Milwaukee Brewers sweatshirts, but I already have two in fine condition, so that’s going a little overboard.
I want an Assassin’s Creed sweatshirt, but I do not like the designs of any of them one bit.

And finally, I want a sweatshirt with some witty saying on it, but I already have my mouth taking care of that all day long, so the sweatshirt would just be redundant.


Tis the Season

Don’t you wish you worked with me?


WTF Reunion Show

The old WTF crew is back at it again for a one night only reunion show.  I’m excited.  I’m nervous.  I’m going to have fun.  If you know what this is, you may not want to miss it.  Or you may.  We’re all probably a bit rusty and it may very likely turn into a train wreck.  Even if it does, I still think I’m going to have fun.

Saturday, November 14th
9:00 PM – 10:00 PM Central Time

Listen live at TalkShoe

The show will also be available for download (presumably at the same link) after the fact if you can’t listen live.


Two! Two Types of Creatures Fighting! Hah! Hah! Hah!

Somehow the subject of werewolves vs. vampires came up at my lunch table at work the other day.  Even though this subject was addressed quite well in the “Underworld” movies, my lunch group wanted to have their own discussion about it.  A very interesting question was raised early in the discourse: what kinds of vampires and werewolves were we talking about?  Vampires like those found in “30 Days of Night” or “Twilight?”  Werewolves like the one in “An American Werewolf in London” or like those in “Van Helsing”?  There are so many different types of both combatants that the outcome of the battle would change dramatically based on which ones are actually representing their kin in the fight.

Of course, the conversation turned quite silly.  Someone mentioned the wolves should be like Michael J. Fox’s character in “Teen Wolf”.  Someone else mentioned that the vampires should be like The Count on “Sesame Street”.  Everyone laughed a bit and then started picturing this battle in their minds.  But my mind couldn’t go there, because I couldn’t possibly see it as a battle.  I argued that if all the vampires and werewolves in the world were like these two types, there couldn’t possibly be war between them, but only peace.  I can only picture these “warring” creatures being in a peaceful, almost symbiotic relationship.  In actuality, they’ll need each other.  Why?  The Teen Wolf werewolves would want to play basketball and The Count vampires would want to keep score.


Crazy Dental Thoughts

I had some dental work done the other day, bordering on oral surgery, and it wasn’t fun.  Actually, I’m overreacting.  The appointment itself didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would and there was almost no pain.  The only pain I felt was quickly taken care of by an extra little dose of numbing agent to that area of my mouth.  After the numbness went away, my mouth was a bit sore where the most extensive work was done, but that was it.  I went to bed and the soreness was gone in the morning.  I should really be quite happy with how everything went.

Yet, I hated it.  Call me crazy, but I’m not a fan of miniature power tools being used in my mouth.  It was on my mind and bothering me for hours before the appointment.  Here it is two days later and I still can’t get it out of my head.  It probably doesn’t help that I have to go back in two weeks for them to finish the procedure.  Can you guess whether or not I’m looking forward to that?  Hint: I’m not.

Why can’t our teeth be made of diamonds?  They’re incredibly strong, shiny, and would likely need little to know maintenance.  You certainly wouldn’t break off a piece of your tooth from biting down incorrectly on a popcorn kernel if your tooth was made out of diamonds.  You wouldn’t get cavities in something that is impenetrable by almost every other item on this planet; at least every other item on this planet that you’d put into your mouth.  Also, you’d probably come out ahead and make some money when you would have your wisdom teeth removed.  You could sell those puppies or even keep them for yourself as new earrings.


Cream Puff

I tried an official Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puff this morning for the first time in my life.  I’ve already taken heat from coworkers for being a Wisconsin resident my entire life and not having a cream puff until my 32nd year.  I’ll probably take mroe heat tomorrow when it comes out that I really didn’t enjoy it.  It did almost nothing for me.  It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t find it necessarily good, either.  The bottom line is I can’t picture myself ever wanting one again.

In my defense, I’ve never been a big fan of cream.  I scrape most of the cream off of ice cream sundaes when I have them.  I only add a little bit of whipped cream to my piece of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving.  I’ve had the Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino at Starbucks both with and without cream on top and I know now that I do prefer it without the cream.

I’m just not a cream kind of guy, so it should come as no surprise that a desert that’s composed of a little bit of puff with a whole lot of cream would not appeal to me.  But, I still tried one, even though I didn’t have the highest of hopes.  I figured as a life-long Wisconsinite, it was my duty to at least try one.  Even though I didn’t enjoy it, I can at least say that I’ve had one.


Feel the Prius

The Prius is back home and is running quite well.  It had all of it’s 90,000 mile and 100,000 mile checks done to it and is now set to go for nothing but oil changes for another 20,000 miles or so.  While it was in there, they also took a look at a pesky “Check Engine” light issue that I was having.  It would turn on, stay on for a day or so, and then go off for a day or so.  The service center didn’t think it was too big of an issue because it kept clearing itself, but investigated the problem anyway.  Turned out there was a flow control thing-a-ma-bob for the engine coolant that was failing from time to time.  Not too serious because it was only an occasional fail, but very serious if the thing decided to fail completely.  That part was swapped out at the same time and now the Prius is in tip-top shape, but dirty.  Wow, that thing needs a good hand-scrubbing.  Automated car washes just aren’t cutting it.

I was talking with my girlfriend yesterday as I was driving the Prius home from the service center and she asked how it was doing.  I told her it was great and it felt smooth.  We both laughed at that as she said I probably meant that it drove more smoothly, not that it actually felt smooth.  Her version makes more sense and is grammatically correct.  Honestly, it’s what I meant to say, but my slip-up ended up being quite funny.  Can you imagine taking your car in to the shop only to have it returned to you smoother?  Almost as if it went in for a shave?  “Here’s your freshly tuned up Prius, J.R.  Now smooth as a baby’s bottom.”


Sick Prius

Today I’m posting a picture of my Toyota Prius.  This photo was taken on the day that I brought it home from the dealership back in 2005 when it had about 32 miles on it.  It’s in for it’s 100,000 mile tune-up today and they found a problem with the engine cooling system.  Not a huge deal, but it needs to be fixed right away.  That leaves me without my “ride” until tomorrow evening.  Anyway, having the Prius “sick” at the “doctor” seemed like a good enough excuse to post a picture of it.



Sweatshirtageddon 2009

As I’ve mentioned on this blog, my Facebook, and my Twitter, Spring 2009 has not been the best when it comes to weather.  We are still getting nights where the temperature drops to near freezing.  The days rarely get above 55 degrees.  And when they do, they go flying up to 82 degrees for one afternoon and then come crashing back down to 50 degrees the next day.  That kind of rapid weather change usually brings me a stuffed up head and the potential for a cold.  Sunny days are few and far between, with most of them being overcast, cloudy, gray, and raining.  I am not a fan of Spring 2009.

However, always looking for the bright side, I have found that there is one advantage to the cold, dreary spring.  While looking through my closet full of clothes on Sunday, I noticed that I have several sweatshirts that I didn’t wear at all in the past six months.  Even though I like all of those sweatshirts, they never made it into the rotation and have just hung, all lonely and not-worn, in my closet since the winter of 2007-2008.  With a few more days of weather forecast to be dreary and in the 50s to 60s, I made it a goal to wear as many of those sweatshirts as possible before summer arrives.

I’m on Day 2 of Sweatshirtageddon 2009.  Today I’m rocking a navy blue Old Navy sweatshirt.  It’s very soft and comfy and deserved to be much better represented during the cold winter we just experienced.  After a brief hiatus on Wednesday when I will wear something nicer for a dinner with my parents and girlfriend, Sweatshirtageddon 2009 returns powerfully on Thursday with another neglected sweatshirt from the back of my closet.

Let’s hope I don’t discover some other neglected clothes and feel the need for Hammer-Pantsageddon 2009 to occur this summer.