Category: Haikus

Teething – Haiku

Lady Domino
happily plays with the… Hey!
Domino!  No bite!

Brevity – Haiku

Seventeen beats is
not enough and I don’t want
to write six haikus.


Better Option Than a Second Blanket – Haiku

The cool nights have come
sooner this year. Pbbt! I’ll just
visit Florida.


Please Leave – Haiku

I have no problem
with you, little moth.  Except
when you’re in my grill.


Haiku – Immediately

has many syllables. It’s
not fit for haiku.


Haiku – Lil’ Monkey

Hello lil’ monkey.
You’re just hanging there.  Can you
act silly for me?


Keyboard – Haiku

Letters, numbers, and
symbols stare back. They’re no more
profilic than I.


Leash – Haiku

Running wild like a
rabid dog that was once calm.
Put a leash on them.


Writer’s Block – Haiku?

If I could only
write something. Too bad I can’t
think of a haiku.


Traffic – Haiku

Traffic that muzzles.
The cars of thought sit idling
where you always drive.