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AllAroundPsycho is Home

More than a decade after a certain musician named Poe branded me with the name “AllAroundPsycho”, which I began using for all of my online identities, I finally have

This blog will be no different than the one I had over at ICKYWMB.  Same me, same posts, same look and feel.  In fact, everything that was posted over at ICKYWMB is here now.  I only changed for 3 major reasons.  One was to get rid of the ads.  Two was to have more control of the servers and back-end technical stuff.  And the third, most important reason, is to finally squat on

Update your RSS feeds (if you use them) and enjoy.

Don’t Call It a Comeback

I’ve been here for years.

While that may be true, I’ve been hiding in the corner, ignoring everything, and not contributing.

For 5 years, I had a very active blog in a very active blogging community. I blogged anonymously, so I won’t post a link here. Some of you that have detective genes can probably figure it out, though. Anyway, that community started to die out so I created my own blog on a site that I paid a monthly fee to have hosted. I had very few readers, so I didn’t see the value and moved the blog here where it’s free. I still have very few readers.

So, I linked my blog to my Facebook account so that when I posted, it would go onto my Facebook timeline. That way, the following chain of events was sure to occur:

Step 1 – J.R. blogs.
Step 2 – WordPress automatically posts to Facebook to alert family and friends.
Step 3 – Family and friends read and comment.
Step 4 – J.R. is encouraged by having readers and returns to Step 1 day after day after day.

Unfortunately, I never did Step 1.

This is my Step 1. While not a New Year’s Resolution, per se, I want to start blogging again in 2014. I like being creative. I like writing. I like thinking of stupid stuff that makes people laugh. I like continuing a discussion in the comments where everybody is respectful of one another. I don’t like Facebook and Twitter limiting the number of characters I use.

Sometimes a single sentence is all I need and that will go to Twitter. Sometimes a few sentences is all I need and that will go to Facebook. But sometimes I want to write a whole bunch of sentences about a movie, a game, a book, or something I saw in the news. Sometimes I see something silly that spawns a thought that leads to a joke. Sometimes I want to post a photo and talk quite a bit about it.

Sometimes, I just want to write.


Welcome (again) to ICKYWMB

Welcome to ICKYWMB’s new home.  Grab some hot chocolate and a seat.  Get comfortable.  I hope you are a patient person.

I won’t be updating too often for a while, but I’m hoping that changes in the future.  I used to be a prolific blogger, with at least one, but often several, posts per day.  Now I get one up every few months.  I want to write more, though.  I miss that creative side.

Check over there on the right.  You can subscribe via RSS to the new ICKYWMB.  I hope you do.  If I only post once every 6 weeks, I’d hate for you to miss it.

Again, thanks for coming to the new version of the blog and I hope we both are here a lot more often than at the previous site.  Enjoy.


My Return?

I sort of fell off of the ‘Blogging Boat’ a few months ago.  Consider this post and the new theme of ICKYWMB as my attempt to grab onto the side of the boat and pull myself back onto the deck.

My blogging frequency here dropped dramatically when our group stopped blogging for Game On, a semi-professional video games blog based in Madison, WI.  I used ICKYWMB to not only get out my non-gaming related thoughts, but to keep in practice for my “professional” posts.  Concerns with our host environment lead to a blogging sabbatical which then lead to us giving up on it entirely.

And yeah, there’s a new look and feel here.  I changed the theme after watching my friend Erik change the theme of his blog this past weekend.  It seemed like a good way to breathe a little life into the blog and signify a fresh start.  While I spent way too many hours on the previous theme’s custom header and PHP code to make it all look and behave exactly as I wanted, it no longer felt right.  This theme is just a standard WordPress theme, with a few very minor tweaks to it.  It’s not as personalized as the old one and doesn’t behave exactly how I’d like it to, but it looks nice.

So, with Game On gone for the near future, I’m left with only ICKYWMB and a desire to write creatively about my life, observations, pop culture, and video games.  Let’s see if I can get back to writing on a regular basis.


WTF Reunion Show

The old WTF crew is back at it again for a one night only reunion show.  I’m excited.  I’m nervous.  I’m going to have fun.  If you know what this is, you may not want to miss it.  Or you may.  We’re all probably a bit rusty and it may very likely turn into a train wreck.  Even if it does, I still think I’m going to have fun.

Saturday, November 14th
9:00 PM – 10:00 PM Central Time

Listen live at TalkShoe

The show will also be available for download (presumably at the same link) after the fact if you can’t listen live.


Sometimes My Mind is of the One-Track Variety

Ack!  I have two things that I want to blog about, but I can’t do either of them right now.  One requires a picture that has yet to be taken and the other requires a link that is sitting on a computer that I can’t get to right now.

I could write something else funny and original or maybe thought provoking, but nope.  I want to share a picture and/or a video with you and now that has put my brain into a special kind of writer’s block where all I can think of is that picture and that video.  At least they are both pretty cool.  It’s a nice place to have my mind stuck right now.


I Just Got To Write This

I enjoy writing.  I like finding new and interesting ways to convey and phrase things.  I like leading the reader down one path only to have a little twist in the story at the end.  I especially enjoy having a vague, seemingly unrelated title that makes sense only after the reader takes in the final sentence.  I’ve been blogging now for over five years and I think that my writing skills have improved quite a lot over that span of time.  Yet, there are still a few areas where I want to improve.  I have some writing crutches that I always use, even though I know they aren’t exactly correct or preferred.  There are two of them specifically that really bother me.

Just:  I use the word ‘just’ way too often.  Most of the time I use it correctly, but I use it where it’s not necessary.  In fact, I had to fight myself not to use it in that last sentence.  Usually, I don’t need the added emphasis that the word provides.  It’s just filler; a tick in my writing style.  I have been working hard to limit it’s use and save the word for when it’s actually providing some real benefit to the sentence it’s in.

Got:  I have destroyed this word over the years.  I use it far too often and unlike “just”, I generally use “got” incorrectly.  There is almost always a better, more preferred word that could be used.  While “got” may be accepted in many of these cases, it is quite often grammatically wrong.  One of the situations where I catch myself utterly failing with “got” is when it’s just redundancies.  Take this sentence: “I’ve got to see that!”  Expanding the contraction changes the sentence to: “I have got to see that!”  The word “got” is just not needed here.  “I have to see that!” is all that’s required for it to be a clean sentence that makes it’s point.

I realize now that this was likely a very boring entry.  Who wants to read about grammar?  I’m sure that some people might want to, but those people probably aren’t coming to this blog to get their grammar fix.  Maybe this particular entry is a little self-serving.  By writing about these two things I’m working on, I’ve forced myself to think about them more.  Also, it allows you, dear reader, to know what I’m trying to do and call me out on my missteps in the comments when I make these “mistakes” in future blog entries.  Consider that your free pass to tell me that I’m wrong.  But please, you got to promise to just do it when I use “got” and “just”.


Game On + A Perfect Getaway

Wow.  I went a lot longer between posts than I had originally planned to.  It was required of me to write two posts for Game On this week and maybe that sucked all of the writing juices out of me.  If you want to read those, click on the Game On link in the header to point your browser at the right place.

Switching gears, last night I saw “A Perfect Getaway” in the theater.  I knew I wouldn’t like it as much as I liked “District 9”, but I didn’t expect to not enjoy it.  Unfortunately, that is what happened.  The movie never felt like it really took off.  The last 15 minutes or so are okay, but it’s a long, slow journey to get there.  I’m not even sure I can recommend this movie as a rental unless you’re really into thrillers and can be patient with a slow-moving one.


Photo Drama (not)

I had a neat little update planned for today.  An update with photos, even.  Unfortunately, I forgot that I needed to slightly edit the photos before they were going to be ready for public consumption.  I realized this as I was about to publish the photos.  Alas, no photo update for you today.

Maybe tomorrow will bring the update.  Unless I forget, yet again, to edit the photos.  Then you’ll have to wait another day.  Or maybe even longer.  Maybe I’ll forget about these photos all together or be too lazy to edit them.  The world may never see them.

Look at all the fake drama and fake excitement for 2 photos that are most likely not deserving of it.


On Not Writing

I have always had the urge to write something more substantial, but never the all-out drive and ambition to do it.  Although I don’t read as much as I would like to, I still really enjoy working my way through a well-crafted story.  I admire authors and have always wanted to be one myself.  I don’t know if I necessarily want to have something published, but I want to craft a story of decent length and at least put it out there where friends could read and comment on it.

This little desire of mine has been around for many years, although I rarely act on it.  About 17 years ago when I was in middle school, I wrote a story for “Back to the Future – Part IV”.  It was 22 double-spaced pages in length.  Barely even a short story, but by far the longest thing I had ever written.  Sadly, it may still be the longest thing I’ve ever written.  I think I only asked three people to read it.  One thought it was okay, but didn’t really like it.  One had practically no comment at all. Finally, the third person never actually read it.

Since that story, I have only once attempted to write anything long-form.  Last summer I had planned to write a piece about the S/S Norway (formerly S/S France) ocean liner that was being scrapped in India.  The idea was that I was going to write about how I came to know of the ship and then write about it’s terrible, controversy-filled demise.  I had planned to put this piece up on my old blog, split into about 10 segments.  I wrote a nice, detailed outline, but never  was unable to get going on the actual writing.

Someday I still want to write something more long-form, but the desire to this is not nearly as strong as my other desires to spend time with loved ones, play games, watch movies, or read what “real” authors have already written.  Maybe this is why I enjoy blogging so much.  It gives me the opportunity to flirt several times a week with the writer in me without sacrificing any of the other things that I would never sacrifice for the opportunity to write.