Traveling Companions

I’m currently on a 3-day “cross-country” drive from Wisconsin to Florida.  While I’m not technically traveling alone as there are two vehicles making the trip, I am alone in the car.   Well, not totally alone.  I took a picture of the passenger seat to show who my companions are.

There’s my water bottle, my iPod, my work cell phone, my backpack, some Cool Ranch Doritos, and a cooler.  Except for the iPod, they are all very quiet passengers.  That’s probably for the best.  I’ve probably been on the road for too long if anything else on the passenger seat starts singing to me.


  • toni says:

    You haven’t started taking pictures of yourself yet. That’s a good sign. The five hours I drove back from St. Louis last fall were filled with pictures of myself. I never posted them. I just looked grotesque.

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