Agents of SHIELD Prediction – No Spoilers

For all of you that are watching “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” or are behind and still need to catch up, this post is not a spoiler.  It is my conjecture based on what we’ve seen so far.   It’s about the mystery of Agent Coulson and how he is alive after the events of the “Avengers” movie.  I will not give evidence in the main post about why I think this is the case, as that would be loaded with spoilers.  I’m only going to make my one sentence prediction and leave it.  Mostly, I want to get this out there and date-stamped in case I’m right.  Plenty of viewers will eventually be saying, “I knew it” and have no way to show that yes, they did indeed know it.  Alas, here’s my prediction.

Agent Coulson is a Skrull.


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