Month: July 2016

Who You Gonna Call? Not Twitter Support.

I need more than 140 characters to explain why I’m taking a break from the 140 characters per entry of Twitter.  Not that it really matters too much to anyone other than me.  I mostly use Twitter to read tweets from comedians I like, find out about baseball news as it happens, and to enter contests.  But what happened on Twitter in the past 48 hours is enough for me to not only take a step away from it, but also document why.

Over the weekend, “Ghostbusters”, a movie that was already highly controversial, was released.  For the most part, what was expected to happen, happened.  The movie came out to overall decent reviews, did decent at the box office, and had a decent amount of outrage from misogynist fans of the original.  However, by the end of the weekend, things took a nasty turn for the worse.  Twitter users attacked Leslie Jones, one of the stars of the film, with the most horrible, disgusting, and racists remarks I have ever seen.  They even photoshopped fake tweets from her to make it look like she had started this all and they were actually the victims.  When Leslie turned to Twitter support for assistance, they indicated there was nothing they could do and encouraged her to use the block button.  Beyond that, they wouldn’t do anything to the users that were harassing her and calling for her death, among other things.  I’ve been back to Twitter just once since this all went down to check on what Leslie had to say.  She hasn’t updated her account in over 20 hours since she made this post:

Leslie Jones - Twitter

Twitter has been mostly good to me.  It has provided me with countless hours of entertainment.  It hooked me up with actor Clark Gregg, who said some wonderful things about our son and sent him a care package while he was in the hospital.  Yet, I can’t continue to visit the site after what I saw.  I have said for years that the internet is great as long as you don’t read the comments section.  Twitter is pretty much a comments section and nothing else.  While there is a lot about Twitter that I love and I may be back at some point, right now I need to step away.  I can’t continue to give clicks and ad revenue to a business that clearly has some adjustments to make to its user agreement.