Month: May 2011

Ackbar Would Not Be Alarmed Over This

I’m a geek. Probably no surprise there. As such, I know Admiral Ackbar’s famous line from “Return of the Jedi”. He screams, “It’s a trap!” as he realizes the Rebel fleet has been set up. Ackbar and his unforgettable line have become quite the phenomenon, spawning an Internet meme, T-shirts, and who knows what else? Despite this, I haven’t had too many opportunities in my own life to utter the phrase and earn some geek cred. It just doesn’t have the day-to-day potential as “That’s what she said.”

A few days ago I was playing Scrabble online with my wife and noticed I could spell the word “Trap” by placing 3 letters down on the board. Even though I was alone, I was not about to let this moment pass me by. I decided that I would speak one word of Admiral Ackbar’s catchphrase as I played each tile. Each word I would say more emphatically so that I was practically yelling the word “Trap” as I played the final tile. Never mind that I was alone and this was all going to happen in my head. It was still very proud of the geek moment I was going to partake in. I started playing tiles…




Tarp? It’s a tarp?

A mild little instance of dyslexia combined with my excitement to get this geek moment at any cost resulted in my mind seeing a word that wasn’t quite there. It’s a tarp? Who would yell “It’s a tarp”? Certainly not Admiral Ackbar. Certainly not anyone at all. I can see why you’d yell about a trap. A trap could be rather scary. But a tarp? That thing’s not scary at all.

That’s what she said.