Month: December 2010

From: The Conchords

Tis the Season

Don’t you wish you worked with me?


The Doctor Is In

Even though I’m watching the episodes at what can only be described as a snail’s pace, I am completely, head-over-heels in love with “Doctor Who”.

For those of you not in the know, DW is a British television show that expertly mixes science fiction and humor.  It’s been around a long, long time, originally hitting the airwaves in 1963 for an amazing 26 years.  After a 16 year break the show was relaunched in 2005, reintroducing everything for a new generation of fans (like me!), while still continuing the mythology that has been building for almost 50 years.  This is perfectly acceptable, due to the show being science fiction and The Doctor being able to “regenerate” into a new body; convenient when it’s time for a new actor to step into those large shoes.

The show is a huge success in the UK and has been gaining popularity here in the U.S. over the past few years.  If you like humor, sci-fi, British accents, time travel, or crazy villains and monsters, I can’t recommend this show enough.  Check it out.  The first four seasons of the “reboot” are available for streaming on Netflix and the most recent fifth season is available via disc.

Yes, I know this post is nothing more than my own personal commercial for “Doctor Who” and not something original or creative.  While not necessarily the best way to introduce new readers to this blog and my mind, its a little indicative of what will be happening here.  I will from time to time recommend something that I think is simply amazing.  And I can’t think of any better way to describe “Doctor Who” than “simply amazing”.


Welcome (again) to ICKYWMB

Welcome to ICKYWMB’s new home.  Grab some hot chocolate and a seat.  Get comfortable.  I hope you are a patient person.

I won’t be updating too often for a while, but I’m hoping that changes in the future.  I used to be a prolific blogger, with at least one, but often several, posts per day.  Now I get one up every few months.  I want to write more, though.  I miss that creative side.

Check over there on the right.  You can subscribe via RSS to the new ICKYWMB.  I hope you do.  If I only post once every 6 weeks, I’d hate for you to miss it.

Again, thanks for coming to the new version of the blog and I hope we both are here a lot more often than at the previous site.  Enjoy.